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Creative Leaps International

Our founding partner and core faculty         for interdisciplinary projects


Above the Clouds

Our goal? To help each and every participant access multiple creative connections, deeper personal insights and rich new solutions to the challenges at hand.

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Who We Are

We are learning specialists, interdisciplinary thinkers, performing artists and scientists working worldwide as creative catalysts and agents of change in business, government, higher education and the social sector. Our most prized capacities are exceptional imagination and a gift for agile, 360° orbital thinking, that is, thinking generated from multiple perspectives — intellectually, culturally, across disciplines and generations.

What We Do

We develop highly creative learning and conferencing experiences to invigorate and deepen leadership development, creativity training, cohesion and change agendas, resilience and renewal retreats, issue-focused summits, and cross-cultural initiatives. Learn about our "Concerts of Ideas" and trademarked pathway to new thinking known as "The Main Sequence".

Above the Clouds

At Creative Leaps International, we are passionate about learning and bringing ideas to life, especially in ways that can take you by surprise.

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Clients and Partners
IBM   Starbucks   Pfizer   GE   Boeing   McDonnell Douglas   The SC Johnson Company  The United Nations  The White House  The Earth Summit  The Global Leadership Forum  The World Bank  The US Department of State   The North African Partnership for Economic Opportunity   The Aspen Institute   Center for Creative Leadership  Association for Mangers of Innovation  Management Education for the World   Society for College and University Planning  Columbia University   George Washington University   Queensland University of Technology   McGill University   The University at Albany   Organizational Behavior Teaching Society   The American Red Cross   Center for Excellence in Municipal Management
Above the Clouds

Thoroughly original in concept, the Concert of Ideas is a spark to new thinking, wholehearted engagement and a powerful catalyst for change.

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"If I ever had doubts about the power of the arts on business executives, my work with John Cimino and Creative Leaps International at McDonnell Douglas and SC Johnson put those doubts to rest. In each case, the companies were battling tradition in order to reach new levels of performance, and the leaders were under pressure to re-think and re-design some deeply rooted management habits. 

Participating in experiences designed and delivered by Creative Leaps International set our learning dialogue on a new, more candid, more inspirational path-and cracked a few protective shells.  In both engagements, Creative Leaps helped us leap to a better place more quickly. was fun!!

                                                                                        Frank Bordonaro

                    Chief Learning Officer - McDonnell Douglas, S.C. Johnson

Above the Clouds

"I have attached the comments from your keynote evaluations and I have never in my life read more powerful reflections from a 2 hour presentation. It's amazing!  If you ever need a strong reference for your work, send them my way."

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"John Cimino and Creative Leaps International created some of the very best programs I was privileged to see during my seven years with GE.  His work has always been exceptional."

                                                    Steve Kerr, Chief Learning Officer

                                                                           GE, Goldman Sachs

"Right after the music -- boom!  People went together.  John Cimino and Creative Leaps are truly global leaders in the art of bringing the performing arts to bear on business issues."

                                                                            Robert Nalewajek, Chair

                                              Human Issues in Management Conferences

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John Cimino

Paul Spencer Adkins

Christine McCune


Donna Wissinger

Jon Klibonoff

Hamilton Berry

Caitlin Sullivan

Colleen Bernstein

Richard Albagli


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