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Report on the Pilot Year

Interdisciplinary Thinking


Case History at the University at Albany

THE RENAISSANCE CENTER completed a successful 18-month pilot year at the University at Albany with generous funding from two sources: an initial infusion of funds from the University President’s Office, Dr. James R. Stellar, interim president, followed by a larger President’s Discretionary Grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Dr. Vartan Gregorian, president.  This report reflects on that 18-month experience and the programs and developmental process comprising that initial year.  Importantly, it highlights the decision points materializing along the way for both institutions, the Renaissance Center as well as its host, the University at Albany, and how those decisions guided and governed both programming priorities and the essential partnership between them.  As groundwork and backstory for this narrative, we begin with a description of the Renaissance Center itself, the context and raison d’etre surrounding the creation of the Renaissance Center concept, the events precipitating its arrival at the University at Albany, its current status and vision for the future.  The REPORT proper follows thereafter. 

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